Town of Canmore 2020 Aquatics Centre Service Disruption Membership Rebate Program

Rebates are now available to current Go Beyond and Splash Memberships to compensate for the unprecedented closure of the Aquatics Centre at Elevation Place from Jan. 14 to 24 and Feb. 7 to 13, 2020 (some restrictions apply). Rebates will be issued only upon request. To request a rebate, please complete the following online form. If you have any questions, visit or email the Elevation Place Customer Experience Desk email us


  • One rebate per membership.
  • Go Beyond members are eligible for a rebate equivalent to 33% of the daily prorated price of their membership for each closure day.
  • Splash members are eligible for a rebate for the full prorated value of their membership for each closure day.
  • Recreation Fee Assistance members are not eligible for a rebate.
  • If you placed a hold or retroactive hold on your membership for one of the recent closure periods (Jan. 14-24 or Feb. 7-13) you will be compensated for the hold in the form of a recurring payment reduction and your rebate amount will be reduced accordingly.
  • If you placed a hold or retroactive hold for both closure periods, you are not eligible for an additional rebate.

Rebate Program Details

  • Rebate cheques will be mailed.
  • Please allow up to three (3) weeks for processing after the end of the rebate period.
  • To receive a rebate, submit a completed application by the end of the rebate program.
  • Late requests will not be accepted
  • We will no longer issue retroactive holds for the closure periods.

Applicant Information

Primary Membership Owner

Mailing Address

I hereby declare that hold a current Elevation Place membership. I understand that this rebate program is the Town’s response to an exceptional situation. The Town of Canmore does not provide rebates for service disruptions caused by scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, events, competitions, or programs.

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